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Muay Thai Pass (MTC): Muay Thai Pass is jointly initiated by Singapore Kingka Foundation and Cayman Kingka Company and a number of Muay Thai Industry Associations around the world to build a platform for benchmarking value transfer system of Muay Thai industry assets based on blockchain technology development. The total circulation is 2.1 billion. The Kingka Foundation of Singapore was established in 1998. It is based on education, training, planning and organizing sports events and club chain operations. It has Taizhong Jinjia Culture Media Co., Ltd., Taizhong Golden Armor Fighting Club, and Thai Golden Armor Sports Academy. , Jinjia Muay Thai Fitness Club, Muay Thai Industry Alliance Research Institute. MTC adopts blockchain technology to build a blockchain traceability system that is managed by blockchain, from the development, promotion, packaging and marketing of the Thai boxing industry, as well as the pass-through system for operating the investment and financing channels of the Muay Thai industry. Standardization, asset digitization, transaction encryption, protocol intelligence, data block chaining, link synchronization, and a complete industrial chain that can be realized from investment development to transaction realization, investors can obtain investment returns at any time during the digitization process. Reduce investment risk. The virtual economy and digital currency assets of intangible assets are combined with the real economy system such as Muay Thai industry resources, and are dedicated to the fields of payment, circulation, exchange, financial investment, etc., to promote the development of the global Muay Thai industry and to create the most influential Muay Thai club in the world. MTC, the world's most influential Muay Thai industry chain ecology, reshapes the global fighting new ecology!