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At Compliant Clients™, we’re different because we’re laser-focused on resolving the victim care problem. The company was founded in direct response to a growing need for a better service.

Our founder, Dr. Survam Patel, considers himself to be a true advocate for personal injury patient-litigants. He is often seen in the halls of the Texas Capitol, where he testifies before legislative committees to support patient rights.

As a state-licensed, board-certified pharmacist, Dr. Patel noticed a real problem that needed to be addressed. He witnessed PI attorneys and healthcare professionals struggling to keep clients on track with their care plans.

Organizing taxis and Ubers to get people to appointments is time-consuming at best. And clients may experience difficulties paying for transport and medication. The system was broken, resulting in flawed cases and lost compensation.

Compliant Clients solves the transportation problem for you.

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